EOS Board Election

The 10 candidates for the EOS Board Election are listed below. By clicking the individual names, you will see the profiles of the candidates.
The election will be held during 15 June - 15 August 2018. In June, prior to election, email will be sent to each EOS member with Individual voting link and instructions. Each member may vote up to 4 candidates.

Candidates for the EOS Board Election
Mario Bertolotti (IT) *
Joakim Bood (SE)
Manuel Filipe P. C. Martins Costa (PT)
Jürgen Czarske (DE)
Frederic Gardes (UK)
Jan Massajada (PL)
Gilles Pauliat (FR)
Michael Pfeffer (DE)
Marcel Poulain (FR)
Matthieu Roussey (FI)

* Candidates looking for their second election