TOM 3 - Nanophotonics & Metamaterials (EOSAM 2012)

Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Scotland (GB)
25 September 2012 - 28 September 2012
Submission Timeframe: 
20 August 2012 - 26 August 2012
General Chair(s): 
  • Concita Sibilia - Universita' La Sapienza / Italy
  • Anatoly V. Zayats - King's College London / United Kingdom
Program Committee: 
  • Mario Bertolotti - Università La Sapienza Di Roma / Italy
  • Alexandre Bouhelier - Université de Bourgogne / France
  • Nikolai Gaponik - Technische Univerität Dresden / Germany
  • Harald Giessen - University of Stuttgart / Germany
  • Maria Kafesaki - Institute of Electronic Structure And Laser / Greece
  • Philippe Lalanne - Univ. Paris-Sud / France
  • Cefe López - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) / Spain
  • Stefan Maier - Imperial College London / United Kingdom
  • Fabrice Raineri - CNRS - LPN / France
  • Graham Reed - University of Southampton / United Kingdom
  • Concita Sibilia - Universita' La Sapienza / Italy
  • Anatoly V. Zayats - King's College London / United Kingdom


Both nanophotonics and optical metamaterials rely on our understanding of light-matter interaction on the nanoscale. Recent developments in this broad field are based on nanostructured dielectrics, semiconductors and metals and lead to applications and devices in which electromagnetic fields can be generated, manipulated and controlled in sub-wavelength structures. Nanophotonics and metamaterials pave the way to many novel applications in various technological areas spanning from biosensing and high-resolution imaging to optical information processing and energy harvesting. This Topical Meeting will cover all experimental and theoretical aspects of light interaction with nanoscale objects and nanostructured materials, new optical properties of nanostructured matter and their applications.


Final Programme

The Final Programme is now online: Final Programme (pdf-file, 1.51 MB).


Plenary Speaker

  • Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania  (US)


Invited Speakers

  • Hatice Altug, Boston University (US)
  • Fabio Bovino, SELEX (IT)
  • Kurt Busch, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin (DE)
  • Richard M. De La Rue, University of Glasgow (UK)
  • Niek van Hulst, ICFO (ES)
  • Yuri Kivshar, Australian National University (AU)
  • Thomas Krauss, University of St. Andrews (UK)
  • Laura Na Liu, Rice University (US)
  • Laurent Vivien, Université Paris Sud (FR)



  • Photonic crystals and wires, optical microcavities
  • Quantum dots and their applications
  • Optical interconnects
  • Nanostructured metal surfaces, plasmonic guides and crystals
  • Optical antennas
  • Quasiperiodic and random photonic systems
  • Negativ and zero- refractive index and other metamaterial concepts
  • Active and tunable optical metamaterials
  • Electromagnetic field confinement and enhancement
  • Quantum and nonlinear optics in nanostructures
  • Near-field microscopy and high resolution optical imaging
  • Nanomanipulation with light
  • Nanophotonics for energy conversion applications
  • Nanophotonics for bio- and chemo-sensing applications
  • Theory and modelling for nanophotonics and metamaterials

Abstract submission

Opening of submission 2 April 2012
Deadline for abstract submission 7 May 2012
Notification to authors 8 June 2012
Abstracts can only be submitted online via Authors are requested to submit an extended abstract of a minimum of one page and a maximum of two pages with at least one figure. The abstract must be formatted according to the EOS abstract guidelines, which can be downloaded at
Contributions will be accepted for oral and poster presentation. Please indicate your preference. All accepted contributions are to be published on the EOSAM 2012 digest CD-ROM (ISBN numbered) which will be available on-site. At least one author is requested to register for the meeting separately from abstract submission. The registration includes admission to all Topical Meetings, the workshop, special events and the exhibition.

Springer Award for Students

The two best student presentations (oral and poster) will be awarded a diploma, an EOS student membership and a book sponsored by Springer.

Paper publication in JEOS:RP

Attendees of EOSAM 2012 receive a 20% discount on the publication rate for JEOS:RP (Journal of the European Optical Society: Rapid Publications). The paper submitted must be an original contribution that is connected to EOSAM 2012 and will be reviewed against JEOS:RP's regular standards for insight, quality and novelty.
JEOS:RP is a peer-reviewed open-access journal at The 2011 Impact Factor: 1.019

Paper submission deadline: 30 November 2012

Special publication fee for standard papers of EOS attendees

  • 280 € (instead of 350 €) for full EOS members
  • 320 € (instead of 400 €) for non EOS members

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General information about EOSAM 2012

For general information about EOSAM 2012 please see or download the Final Programme here.


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