TOM 10 – Diffractive Optics

Berlin Adlershof, Germany
Part of: 
EOSAM 2014
15 September 2014 - 19 September 2014
Submission Timeframe: 
28 February 2014 - 4 April 2014

Topical meetings in Diffractive Optics in this series have been organized on eight occasions before, in most cases under the auspices of EOS (Savonlinna 1997, Jena 1999, Budapest 2001, Oxford 2003, Warsaw 2005, Barcelona 2007, Koli 2010, Delft 2012). This time, Diffractive Optics has been added as one new TOM in the 2014 EOSAM.
Contributions are solicited on all areas of Diffractive Optics and all application fields are concerned, including life sciences, sensing, solid state lighting, and solar photonics.


Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Modelling of diffractive optics
  • Diffractive optics and polarization
  • Scattering by diffractive optical elements
  • Inverse problems in diffraction optics
  • Fabrication and characterisation, measurement and inspection
  • Adaptive and switchable diffractive optics
  • New materials for diffractive optics including metamaterials


  • Pierre Chavel, Institut d’Optique (FR)
  • Jari Turunen,  University of Eastern Finland (FI)


  • Benfeng Bai, Tsinghua University (CN)
  • Pedro Andrés Bou, Universtitat de València (ES) 
  • Uwe Zeitner, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (DE)
  • Yves Jourlin, Université Jean Monnet/ CNRS (FR)


  • Webster Cash, University of Colorado (US): Advanced Astronomical Observatories Using Binary Diffractive Optics


  • Andrew Forbes, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (ZA): Customised laser modes by dynamic and geometric phase control
  • Gladys Minguez-Vega, Universitat Jaume I (ES): Shaping femtosecond beams with spatial light modulators
  • Jaime Gómez Rivas, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) (Joint invited talk with TOM 5)
  • Juan Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology (CN): Design and fabrication of the diffractive optical elements on curved surface by interference
  • Piotr Wróbel, University of Warsaw (PL): Diffraction grating-coupled plasmon-polariton surface waves
  • Toyohiko Yatagai, Utsunomiya University (JP): Full view-angle 3D display with computer-generated holograms based on rigorous diffraction theory