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21 national optical societies in Europe are societal members of the EOS. Societies can join the EOS as a Branch or as an Affiliated Society.

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Increase your company's or institute's visibility and benefit from special rates for all advertising and sponsoring offers.

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In addition, any EOS member, regardless of the membership mode, have the possibility to attend most of the meetings of our Partner Societies at member rates.




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Reduced publication rates for JEOS:RP

Free subscription to the Photonik International magazine

Free subscription to the Electrooptics Magazine published by Europa Science Ltd.

Free subscription to the Advanced Optical Technologies Journal AOT published by DeGruyter (starting beginning of 2012)




Reduced registration fees for EOS events


Reduced registration fees for EOS co-sponsored events







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Membership in one or more EOS Focus Groups

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Full voting rights

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10% discount on advertising and sponsoring offers




Presence on the EOS Homepage




Free-of-charge publication of job offers in the EOS online jobmarket