EOS Student Clubs

Since the launch of the Student Programme in 2011, EOS has welcomed 14 student clubs in France, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States.

EOS Student Club Type Country / region / city National Society Founded in
Bauman Moscow State Technical University Student Club regional RU (Moscow) ROS 2011
EOS ITMO Student Club regional RU (St. Petersburg) ROS


EOS Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University regional UA (Kiew) USPAO 2011
EOS Optical Coherence and Interferometry Student Club topical CH SSOM 2011
Coherent Photonics topical RU (Moscow)   2011
EOS/SFO Paris Student Club regional FR (Paris) SFO 2011
EOS/SFO Lorraine Student Club regional FR (Metz/Lorraine) SFO 2011
EOS Comunidad Valenciana Student Club regional ES (Comunidad Valenciana) SEDOPTICA 2012
EOS Kazan National Research Technical University Student Club regional RU (Kazan) ROS 2012
EOS M. V. Lomonosov MSU Student Club regional RU (Moscow)   2012
EOS/SFO Alpes Student Club regional FR (Alpes) SFO 2012
EOS/SFO Photonics Bretagne Student Club regional FR (Bretagne) SFO 2012
EOS at Columbia University Student Club regional US (New York)   2012
EOS City College New York Student Club regional US (New York)   2012
EOS Finland Student Club regional FI (Joensuu) FOS 2013



Why join the EOS Student Programme?

Connect with other students and make yourself heard
  • Get new contacts, exchange experiences, discuss your concerns
  • Participate in the annual EOS Student Events and present your concerns and activities to a broad audience
  • Publish news about your Student Club in the EOS newsletter, on the EOS website and other media EOS cooperates with
  • Create awareness for your concerns in an even larger audience by making use of the close cooperation between EOS and the Photonics21 Technology Platform
  • Benefit from advice and support through the Club Mentors and Sponsors
  • Get insights from leading experts and make valuable contacts
Meet future employers from industry and academia
  • EOS Student Clubs work closely with the Club Sponsors from industry and academia
  • Establish valuable contacts to future employers and explore your career opportunities in a direct dialogue
  • Participate in company visits, career events and recruiting programmes



Once established, any EOS Student Member can join one regional and one topical club.
  • Virtual club platform at www.old.myeos.org
  • Student club homepage
  • Student profile pages, blogs, forums, surveys, job board, club’s news section...
  • Upon proposal each club can receive up to 1000 Euro support per year.
  • Direct contact to mentors from academia and to representatives from industry
  • Opportunity to take part in company visits and other career/recruiting events organized in cooperation with our  industrial partners
  • Representation in the EOS Board of Directors (guest seat for one student programme representative)

Recommended activities 

  • Social/scientific events for networking and exchange of ideas, concerns and needs
  • Excursions to laboratories, universities or companies
  • Submission of articles for the EOS newsletter and website
  • Encourage colleagues to join EOS and become active in the Student Programme
  • Hold at least one Student Club Meeting per year
  • Participation in the annual EOS Student Reception
  • ... 



  • Each Student Club reports to EOS once a year. The report includes

    • information about the Club members (names , affiliation, countries , member since),
    • Club Board (chair, co-chair, treasurer and webmaster),
    • past and future activities,
    • recommendations for improving the EOS Student Programme.
  • A summary of the report shall be presented at the Annual EOS Student Clubs Meeting alongside the EOS Annual General Meeting.




Coordinator of the EOS Student Programme

Patricia Seconds (University Joseph Fourier, France)
E-mail: patricia.segonds@grenoble.cnrs.fr