EOSAM 2012 Exhibition

As a novelty in 2012, an exhibition will be held alongside EOSAM 2012 to bridge the gap between science and industry. As a platform for companies, universities, research institutes, publishing houses and associations this exhibition features new products, technologies and services covering the latest developments in:

  • Photonics for offshore applications (“blue photonics”®)
  • Biomedical photonics
  • Organic optoelectronics
  • Micro-optical components and systems

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Exhibitor list
Advanced Optical Technologies Journal (AOT)

Advanced Optical Technologies is a new scientific journal for the publication of excellent reviews, articles and letters to selected topics of modern optical research and development. Furthermore, tutorials are introduced as an entirely new industry related article format.

CeramOptec GmbH

We are specialized in producing quartz glass multimode step-index fibers. Our product range contains fibers and cables for industrial application as well as fiber bundles for spectroscopy, laser application, sensor technology etc.

Czech and Slovak Society for Photonics
Diamond SA

Thanks to its Mechanical, Optical, Assembly and Measurement competencies, Diamond develops unique Fiber Optic solutions for Photonics applications, that satisfy the increasing demands for customer specific challenges and requirements. These applications cover markets such as: MEDICAL, MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENTS, LASER DELIVERY, SENSING.


Division of Optics & Quantum Electronics of the Romanian Physical Society (DOQE-RPS)
Electro Optics Magazine, Europa Science

The leading European magazine for photonics business, applications and technology.

Finnish Optical Society (FOS)
Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd.

Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components and systems and yields products that are regarded as state-of-the-art. All products are designed to cover the entire optical spectrum and provide solutions for a wide variety of applications including analytical, industrial and medical instrumentation.


iXFiber is a leading independent manufacturer of active and passive specialty optical fibers, components based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) technology, and subassemblies modules for a diverse range of industries: Telecom, Sensing, Defense, Space, Fiber Laser, Harsh Environment…

Photline Technologies - AN IXBLUE PARTNER

Photline Technologies produces Optical Modulation Solutions based on the company lithium niobate modulators, RF Electronic Modules & Optical Modulation Units & Transmitters. We serve the markets of optical telecommunications, defense & aerospace, sensing & instruments, fiber lasers & research.

JEOS:RP - Journal of the European Optical Society:Rapid Publications

JEOS:RP is the online Journal of the European Optical Society: Rapid Publications covering a large scope of research in optics and photonics. JEOS:RP is a peer-reviewed open-access journal which is listed with ISI Journal Citation Reports. ISSN 1990-2573.

LAS - Laser Association

LAS is a scientific-technical organization that unites laser enterprises, research and educational centers of CIS countries. Its main goal is promoting of laser technologies by arranging information exchange, consulting, seeking of partners, expansion of international cooperation

Latvian Optical Society (LOS)

Latvian Optical Society includes optical physicists from Riga Technical University, University of Latvia and Daugavpils University.

LightTrans Virtuallab UG

The field tracing software LightTrans VirtualLab™ 5 enables new technologies for modeling and design of optical systems. Field tracing takes into account diffraction, interference, polarization effects and aberrations during optimization which generalizes classical methods of optical modeling and design.

N4E - Nanophotonics for Energy Efficency NOE

Starting in January 2010, the Nanophotonics for Eneregy Efficiency Network of Excellence (N4E) aims to promote nanophotonics research in energy-efficient applications by bringing together different nanophotonic laboratories and research groups across Europe.

Nanophotonics Europe Association
OptecNet Deutschland e.V.
Pacer International

Pacer is a specialist supplier of optoelectronics, lasers, detectors and displays, both components and systems. We offer a wide range of spectrometers, detectors, lasers, optics, imaging sensors and arrays, displays, light and colour sensors, LEDs, thermal sensors, IR sources and fibre optics.


PhotonicSweden was founded in 2011 as an economic association. Currently, PhotonicSweden has 48 company and institutional members, and 86 personal members.

Photonik, AT-Fachverlag GmbH

Photonik, published 6x / year, is a high-circulation German language magazine in optical technologies. BioPhotonik, published 3x / year, is dedicated to photonics topics in biology and medicine. Photonik international, published 1x / year, is the English edition of Photonik and BioPhotonik.

Scottish Optoelectronics Association (SOA)

The Scottish Optoelectronics Association (SOA) was launched in October 1994 with the objective of "stimulating economic growth in Scotland through the knowledge, manufacture and application of Optoelectronics”.

Sociedade Portuguesa para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Óptica e Fotónica

SPOF is the Portuguese Society of Optics and Photonics.

Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy (SSOM)

Thorlabs designs, develops and manufactures high quality photonics components and systems for research, manufacturing and biomedical applications.
Thorlabs is headquartered in Newton, New Jersey with over 500 employees at manufacturing sites and sales offices throughout the world.

Welsh Opto-Electronics Forum (WOF)